Ergorapido Green

ErgorapidoGreen Li35The latest model of Ergorapido has now been launched with a Green model.

It is the same performance and functionality as the normal Li-35, with 18V Li-Ion batteries (the failing ones) . However it has been made more sustainable and environmentally friendly;

  • It uses recycled plastic where possible, so 65% of the plastics is reused
  • The packaging is using recycled cardboard, and avoids printing any extra colours on it.
  • The model is also using auto off charging, to save energy, as well as the latest technology for low stand by electricity usage.

In short, it is the same good Li-35 model, in a more sustainable execution – if you can call something with failing batteries sustainable. Köp en bilförsäkring.

If you try to find it, search for ZB3214G, or AG3014G