Ergorapido in the US

The US is the largest market for Ergorapido, since they were launched in 2004. No other country have more homes with Ergorapidos than the US. And it is appreciated by Good Houskeeping as you can see.

The model names are slightly different in US (and Canada), which can be slightly confusing, maybe. So I summarized it

Li – 35, 18 V Li-ionEL2040A_F2Swivel_hr_pos4_1025x532
– Ergorapido Power Ion, Steel Blue <– Best

Li – 3o, 14.4 V Li-ion
EL2081A – Watermelon Red, Ergorapido Lithium Ion Brushroll Clean Xtra (Canada)

Li – 21, 10.8 V Li-ion
EL2050B – Ice White
EL2055BDeep Blue

Previous Model – only sold at Walmart
EL1010A Ergorapido 10.8V Li-ion


Other Models can be found here.


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