New Ergorapido Model Names 2015

There are three different type of model names used for the new Ergorapido launched i 2015. [See 2016 update here] They can be read as below:

[Note; read about the battery quality issues]

ZB3011/AG3011  – Chocolate Brown,
ZB3012 – Watermelon Red,
ZB3013/AG3012 – Tungsten Metallic,
ZB3020 – Ice White Metallic
AG35Power – Watermelon Red
ERG15 – Steel Blue for Brazil
EL 2040ASteel Blue

Li-35 Japan/Korea, Powerful Li-model, with extra accessories
ZB3113AK – Tungsten Metallic (Korea)
ZB3114AK – Rose Gold Metallic (Korea)

Li-30, all Lithium models too:
ZB3101 – Deep Blue,
ZB3102 – Shell White
ZB3103/AG3105 – Ebony Black,
ZB3104 – Dark Bordeaux Metallic
ZB3105/AG3105 – Ice White,
ZB3106/AG3106 – Deep Blue Metallic
ZB3107 – Bordeaux (in Asia only)
EL2081A – US Model – Water Melon Red (Canada)

Li-21, In US this model is also sold, with Lithium batteries.