New Ergorapido Li-35 launched in 2015

Note: This Ergorapido and the upgrades seems to be plauged by battery problems, and quality issues. Beware, extreme caution needed.

Below you can see a picture taken from an Electrolux website, with a picture of one of the models of the new Ergorapido. The model is called Li-35 (or Li35), has powerful Lithium batteries, improved performance (pick up and runtime!), and a very nice new color scheme. Looks very stylish with the dark accent colours, and is well worth a test.

Turns out that it is part of a new improved range of Ergorapido – featuring all Lithium batteries, and boosted performance. You can also find Ergorapido Li-30 (or Li30), with Lithium battery technology as well. A third version is named Li-21. All still with great maneuverability, self standing function, self cleaning brush roll etc.

This Ergorapido will make your home cleaner and better looking than ever. What color and model would suit you?

An informative video:

I have noticed that in some markets, the model denomination still is ZB30XX (not Li-35/Li-30/Li-21) even if it is the new models. You can see if it is the improved version easily by looking at the granite grey back of the hand unit (vs the previous orange).

Ergorapido Li-35

More information will follow, when I get hold of that, and have made a test of this Ergorapido.  Aku.
Looks very exciting!

See where you can find it around the world.


4 thoughts on “New Ergorapido Li-35 launched in 2015

  1. ik heb sinds 2 jaar de nieuwe electrolux ergorapido L1-35 maar de batterij is al veel te snel leeg waar kan ik nieuwe batterijen kopen


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