Accessories for your Ergorapido

The Ergorapido is a versatile and flexible vacuum cleaner as it is, cleaning available instantly without any cord.

However, you can get even more out of your Ergorapido with some accessories. There are two key accessories available on the market today.

The first is the Pet Nozzle. You can find that for example through the shops on Electrolux website, or at Amazon, as here.


The second accessory, is a car kit. This allows you to efficiently clean your car, without a cord. It contains several things:

  • A pet nozzle to remove difficult hairs from car seats and fibres in general. (same as above)
  • A Snap on bristle brush perfect for cleaning the plastic parts and windscreens.
  • A hose that serves as an extension to reach everywhere inside the car.
  • A flat crevice nozzle for efficient cleaning in confined and hard to reach places such as underneath and in between car seats.

Ergorapido car kit

You can see more about it here


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