Ergorapido OPI Special Editions

The Electrolux Ergorapido has been having a special co-operation with the nail polish company OPI. They are a well known producer from California, with very cool nail polish with equally cool names.

The first co-operation was in Europe, in 2013, when three colours of Ergorapido were launched made in the colour of the OPI nail polish; Embarka Dare Ya!, Alcatraz Rocks, and Muir Muir on the wall. This was made with the generation of Ergorapidos available at that time. You can read about it here

Ergorapido OPIA similar co-operation was launched in Asia during 2014, with two new colours. You cen see theme here on the OPI Japan site. They were made in the new generation of Ergorapidos. In Australia, the pink version was used to gather money for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Ergorapido OPI_A5

These OPI models were only available during a short period of time, in limited quantity, and are hard to find on the market later.


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