Ergorapido models and development

The original Electrolux Ergorapido was released in 2004. It was launched in red/brown colour, only, and was an immediate succes. There was no product like it on the market with such good design and function. It quickly became a great seller.

With the great success in mind, Electrolux in 2005 launched an extention with more colours. But is was basically the same product.

During 2006 some new colours and a few technical improvements were launched. But in 2007 a new generation with great improvements were launched. The design was changed and the perfromance and scution power was greatly improved. Also the filtration was improved.

In 2008 special editions in black and white were launched, ans soon afterwards more improvements were developed. LED lights to give better sight to when you clean in dark corners and under sofas, were introduced. More importantly, the range was extended with 18 V Li-ion batteries during the autumn of 2009. In some markets these models were named Ergorapiod Plus.

During 2011 the first Ergorapido Green, made in recycled plastic was launched.

In 2012 the Brush Roll Clean Technology (BRC) was launched. This is a patended solution for automatically remove hair that gets tangled in the motorized brush. No more scissors needed to clean it up, and better performance for longer.

In later 2013 early 2014 the latest generation of Ergorapido was launched, worldwide. Further improved performance and dust pick up was introduced. The latest version has 200% more suction power than what was in the first 2004 models!

Ergorapido 2014 Range

There are currently several models and colours available of the Ergorapido. If you are to buy one, do remember to buy one with the Li-Ion battery technology. It is so much better than the one with Ni-Mh batteries. You will not regret it.


5 thoughts on “Ergorapido models and development

  1. I purchased ergo rapidly 2 in 1, brush roll clean. I kept it in The kitchen for cleaning up small messes. I loved it, good suction, lite weight, small, and cordless. However, it never kept a charge more than 10 minutes & I went to use it the other day it ran like 20 seconds & turned off. I have bought several Electrolux products or write the years and have been very satisfied….until now. Can you replace this battery or is it ready for the trash? I would really appreciate some feedback on this.


    1. You should contact ELectrolux. But I am afraid they cannot do much. They are badly built, and the batteries wear out way too fast. It is a very common problem. So try contacting them, and if no help: Trash. And buy another product


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