New Ergorapido Li-35 launched in 2015

Note: This Ergorapido and the upgrades seems to be plauged by battery problems, and quality issues. Beware, extreme caution needed.

Below you can see a picture taken from an Electrolux website, with a picture of one of the models of the new Ergorapido. The model is called Li-35 (or Li35), has powerful Lithium batteries, improved performance (pick up and runtime!), and a very nice new color scheme. Looks very stylish with the dark accent colours, and is well worth a test.

Turns out that it is part of a new improved range of Ergorapido – featuring all Lithium batteries, and boosted performance. You can also find Ergorapido Li-30 (or Li30), with Lithium battery technology as well. A third version is named Li-21. All still with great maneuverability, self standing function, self cleaning brush roll etc.

This Ergorapido will make your home cleaner and better looking than ever. What color and model would suit you?

An informative video:

I have noticed that in some markets, the model denomination still is ZB30XX (not Li-35/Li-30/Li-21) even if it is the new models. You can see if it is the improved version easily by looking at the granite grey back of the hand unit (vs the previous orange).

Ergorapido Li-35

More information will follow, when I get hold of that, and have made a test of this Ergorapido.  Aku.
Looks very exciting!

See where you can find it around the world.

Ergorapido models and development

The original Electrolux Ergorapido was released in 2004. It was launched in red/brown colour, only, and was an immediate succes. There was no product like it on the market with such good design and function. It quickly became a great seller.

With the great success in mind, Electrolux in 2005 launched an extention with more colours. But is was basically the same product.

During 2006 some new colours and a few technical improvements were launched. But in 2007 a new generation with great improvements were launched. The design was changed and the perfromance and scution power was greatly improved. Also the filtration was improved.

In 2008 special editions in black and white were launched, ans soon afterwards more improvements were developed. LED lights to give better sight to when you clean in dark corners and under sofas, were introduced. More importantly, the range was extended with 18 V Li-ion batteries during the autumn of 2009. In some markets these models were named Ergorapiod Plus.

During 2011 the first Ergorapido Green, made in recycled plastic was launched.

In 2012 the Brush Roll Clean Technology (BRC) was launched. This is a patended solution for automatically remove hair that gets tangled in the motorized brush. No more scissors needed to clean it up, and better performance for longer.

In later 2013 early 2014 the latest generation of Ergorapido was launched, worldwide. Further improved performance and dust pick up was introduced. The latest version has 200% more suction power than what was in the first 2004 models!

Ergorapido 2014 Range

There are currently several models and colours available of the Ergorapido. If you are to buy one, do remember to buy one with the Li-Ion battery technology. It is so much better than the one with Ni-Mh batteries. You will not regret it.

Upgraded Ergorapido

There is a new upgraded range of Ergorapidos launched in Europe. Performance have been improved further, and they all feature high performance Turbo Lithium batteries. However, it is likely it is suffering from the same battery problems as before – so it is doubtful if it can be recommended.

If you find these models, buy them rather than predecessors (starting with 30XX) – you will get a newer vacuum cleaner. Insurance.

ZB3211 [Chocolate Brown]

ZB3212 [Watermelon Red]

ZB3213 [Tungsten]

ZB3214G [Recycled Black]

ZB3220S [Ice White]

Car Insurance

In Australia:



Ergorapido Green

ErgorapidoGreen Li35The latest model of Ergorapido has now been launched with a Green model.

It is the same performance and functionality as the normal Li-35, with 18V Li-Ion batteries (the failing ones) . However it has been made more sustainable and environmentally friendly;

  • It uses recycled plastic where possible, so 65% of the plastics is reused
  • The packaging is using recycled cardboard, and avoids printing any extra colours on it.
  • The model is also using auto off charging, to save energy, as well as the latest technology for low stand by electricity usage.

In short, it is the same good Li-35 model, in a more sustainable execution – if you can call something with failing batteries sustainable. Köp en bilförsäkring.

If you try to find it, search for ZB3214G, or AG3014G


Ergorapido in the US

The US is the largest market for Ergorapido, since they were launched in 2004. No other country have more homes with Ergorapidos than the US. And it is appreciated by Good Houskeeping as you can see.

The model names are slightly different in US (and Canada), which can be slightly confusing, maybe. So I summarized it

Li – 35, 18 V Li-ionEL2040A_F2Swivel_hr_pos4_1025x532
– Ergorapido Power Ion, Steel Blue <– Best

Li – 3o, 14.4 V Li-ion
EL2081A – Watermelon Red, Ergorapido Lithium Ion Brushroll Clean Xtra (Canada)

Li – 21, 10.8 V Li-ion
EL2050B – Ice White
EL2055BDeep Blue

Previous Model – only sold at Walmart
EL1010A Ergorapido 10.8V Li-ion


Other Models can be found here.

Clean your filters on the Ergorapido

The Ergorapido has filters to clean the air, and collect any dust, so it doesnt get blown out into the air again. Naturallly, these filters get get dirty when you used them. And after a while they will even start to fill with small particles – and this clogging will reduce the suction power.

There is a built in function, that lets you easily clean the filter, every time you empty the dust bin. The Snap Clean Filter. You can see it describer here, on an older model. The functionality is the same on all new models as well.

However, it does make sense to replace the filters every now and then to maintain the best performance of the Ergorapido. You can find on on e.g. Amazon. Just search for Electrolux EL 018Ergorapido EF144 AEG AEF 144

Battery Cleaner Filter

New Ergorapido Model Names 2015

There are three different type of model names used for the new Ergorapido launched i 2015. [See 2016 update here] They can be read as below:

[Note; read about the battery quality issues]

ZB3011/AG3011  – Chocolate Brown,
ZB3012 – Watermelon Red,
ZB3013/AG3012 – Tungsten Metallic,
ZB3020 – Ice White Metallic
AG35Power – Watermelon Red
ERG15 – Steel Blue for Brazil
EL 2040ASteel Blue

Li-35 Japan/Korea, Powerful Li-model, with extra accessories
ZB3113AK – Tungsten Metallic (Korea)
ZB3114AK – Rose Gold Metallic (Korea)

Li-30, all Lithium models too:
ZB3101 – Deep Blue,
ZB3102 – Shell White
ZB3103/AG3105 – Ebony Black,
ZB3104 – Dark Bordeaux Metallic
ZB3105/AG3105 – Ice White,
ZB3106/AG3106 – Deep Blue Metallic
ZB3107 – Bordeaux (in Asia only)
EL2081A – US Model – Water Melon Red (Canada)

Li-21, In US this model is also sold, with Lithium batteries.

Accessories for your Ergorapido

The Ergorapido is a versatile and flexible vacuum cleaner as it is, cleaning available instantly without any cord.

However, you can get even more out of your Ergorapido with some accessories. There are two key accessories available on the market today.

The first is the Pet Nozzle. You can find that for example through the shops on Electrolux website, or at Amazon, as here.


The second accessory, is a car kit. This allows you to efficiently clean your car, without a cord. It contains several things:

  • A pet nozzle to remove difficult hairs from car seats and fibres in general. (same as above)
  • A Snap on bristle brush perfect for cleaning the plastic parts and windscreens.
  • A hose that serves as an extension to reach everywhere inside the car.
  • A flat crevice nozzle for efficient cleaning in confined and hard to reach places such as underneath and in between car seats.

Ergorapido car kit

You can see more about it here